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If you’ve seen Nas wearing a clean pair of custom frames, or Drake bouncing about in his Versace Versace Versace, or maybe even the always-animated Riff Raff stacking vintage chains and rare shades, then you’ve seen the work of Vintage Frames Company. 

The man behind the carefully curated madness that supplies the masses is Montreal-based Corey Shapiro. The bearded maven built the company from the floor up, before branching out to become one of the very few non-barbers to open up a barbershop. The shop, Notorious, is an opulent boy’s club, featuring every over-the-top treatment one could imagine – from gold combs to head massages from porn stars.

We had the opportunity to chop it up with Corey, who came to visit us at the offices with a case full-a-frames to talk about everything from the inception of Vintage Frames and sourcing vintage product, to his latest movements.

Check out the full interview above.