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Months after his tragic death, Paul Walker’s sunglasses and other items from the car crash that took his life are available at auction.

Yes, unfortunately we’re being completely serious.

Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were killed in a fiery car crash in late November 2013, when the Porsche Rodas was driving went out of control, causing it to slam into a light post and a tree.

A seller has posted the sunglasses the actor was allegedly wearing when he died, along with the fire extinguisher from the wreckage on the site He claims to have dug around the scene of the crash and stumbled across the glasses in the bushes nearby. Initially he says he didn’t realize they were Walker’s shades, but later saw photos of the actor wearing them earlier in the day.

This seller isn’t the first person to snag items from the crash site, however. During the investigation into the cause of the crash, two teens stole bits of the Porsche Walker and Rodas were in when they died. The teens were busted shortly after posting photos bragging about their steal on Instagram and are now facing up to four years in jail.

At the time of his death, Walker was filming Fast & Furious 7. The film is set to resume production this April after taking a break to give the actors a chance to grieve for their fallen friend and the writers a chance to flip the script. According to sources connected with the film, Paul’s character will not die off, but rather retire from racing.


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