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You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Well, at least Nicki Minaj thinks so.

The singer, who is never too shy to show us what she’s working with, let it all hang out once again, this time in head-to-toe Moschino.

When Jeremy Scott was named the new creative director of Moschino, we knew he wouldn’t disappoint in delivering over-the-top outfits that were overloaded with logos and kitsch. So when we saw the leather two-piece, cap and boots with the Moschino moniker branded all over it, we remembered that it was Jeremy’s world and we’re just living in it. But that didn’t stop us from questioning: who would ever wear this?

Well, Nicki would. And, as you can see, she did. She took the look right off the Fall 2014 runway and wore it on set of her “Senile” video shoot, being sure to post her outfit-of-the-day photos on Instagram. The only minor adjustment she made was with the addition of more gold accessories and fishnet stockings, because obviously.

Nothing sets an outfit off the way fishnet stockings do.

Check out the gallery for more behind-the-scenes pictures from the “Senile” set below.


Nicki Minaj Wears All Moschino Everything For “Senile” Video (PHOTOS)
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