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Finding the perfect pair of jeans is much like finding the perfect boyfriend: you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. But dating in this millennial age isn’t easy, and eventually you just might find yourself online looking for your perfect match–and that’s a challenge all in itself.

And just like online dating, chances are you spend a lot of time surfing the ‘net, trying to find that one pair of jeans that fit you juuuust right–you know, the ones that hug you at your hips and always complement your backside. But now, Old Navy is making that process much more difficult, presenting us with the latest Photoshop flub in the e-commerce world.

We’re well aware of the picture-editing practices clothing companies use, and the retailer is the most recent to be called out for Photoshopping thigh gaps onto images of their plus-size jeans, according to Jezebel. Take their “Rockstar Jeggings,” for example. A closer image looks like someone literally used the eraser tool from Microsoft Paint:

Old Navy responded to the accusations, claiming:

“At Old Navy we strive to show our customers the most accurate representation of how product fits the body. This includes pinning garments on body forms to show how they will actually appear. While we do remove these pins in post-production, we do not use any photo-altering techniques to deliberately distort the actual look or fit of our product.”

Hmmm, if that suspicious space between the jeans is the result of a pin job on a mannequin, does that make it any less misleading for online shoppers? We don’t think so.

This comes just after news of Target completely cropping out crotches of their bikinis sold online:

Do you think Old Navy was misleading? Sound off in the comments below, and while you’re wasting your hours online in the pursuit of the perfect pants, just remember: thigh gaps not included.


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