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Has Angela Simmons ever looked better?

The 26-year-old it-girl, fashion designer, and entrepreneur has been working her butt off and championing a healthier lifestyle for quite some time now, and it is paying off.

Angela shared some new flicks from a photoshoot yesterday, during which she’s wearing a neon bathing suit and moto jacket.

She also shared a photo of her abs just before going to train, as well as a few “impromptu” pictures of herself in a little black dress.

She captioned one photo:

The dream team back at it! @deedee_kelly@maishaoliver @thecmfactor #photoshoot#LASunDown

You’ve got to give it to the girl – she’s one of the best doing it.

As Fab would say: Girl you ain’t killin’ them, baby it’s a massacre. Check out more pictures in the gallery below.


Angela Simmons Is Flawless In New Impromptu Photoshoot (PHOTOS)
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