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Amidst countless remixes and covers of Queen Bey‘s latest hit “Drunk In Love,” Future performed an unreleased track at SXSW that basically sounds like its fraternal twin.

The ATL rapper covered the original track before, and he couldn’t have been happier to premiere “Good Morning” in front of the Texas crowd. Before performing, Future announced:

“I was recording with this producer by the name of Detail, we was working on the “Drunk in Love.” And we started working on this other record at the same time, and then once “Drunk in Love” came out, it pushed this song to the side, but at the same time it’s one of my favorite songs that didn’t make the album.”

Even though Future told the crowd he was working on “Drunk In Love,” his rep told BuzzFeed, “He was NOT involved in working on “Drunk in Love.”” Both tracks include production by Detail, are about love (a topic both know a lot about), and even include the catchy “we be all night” line. The melodies are also quite similar.

Either way, “Good Morning” is a great tune and this is the only time you’ll see it performed, according to Future himself.

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