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Imagine a world in which Twitter didn’t exist? A world in which you had to read a newspaper. A world in which the only place to hear some of our favorite celebs’ thoughts were magazine profiles.


We don’t like this world at all. Thankfully, Twitter is a thing and today is its eighth birthday (our baby is so grown).

For its birthday, Twitter gave us all a gift: they released a cool new site in which you could see your very first Tweet.

So what have we learned today? Most people’s first Tweets are something stupid like “testing” or “K” or “thiz iz dumb” or “I’ve finally joined” or “Damn where were these hoes when I was in high school” or some other worthless shit.

Every site is doing their fave celebs’ first Tweets. Guess what, we’re doing the same. But instead, we’re just picking the worst celeb first tweets we could find.

Check out all the awkwardness below.

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