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When your parents are mega stars Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, you’re bound to have a million stories to tell. So when Zoe Kravitz shared a memory from her childhood with Jimmy Kimmel, we knew it was going to be absolutely epic.

The 25-year-old Divergent actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! and told the story of the time she found Ashton Kutcher cooking eggs in her kitchen.

“It was just weird. There was always people coming in and out. At one point — I think I was about 15 or something — my friend had just come in from California to visit me. She came in really early in the morning, I remember, and she walked into my room and was like, ‘Zoe, Ashton Kutcher’s in your kitchen.'”

No big deal, right? Wrong. This was around the time when Ashton was doing his thing on MTV’s Punk’d and That 70’s Show.

“It’s like seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic,” she said. “The trucker hat and he was, like, everything.”

Not believing her pal’s claim, teenaged Kravitz went downstairs to see for herself, she continued. “I have, like, pimple cream on my face, I’m wearing a T-shirt . . . and there he is making an omelet. There’s no one else in the kitchen. I don’t even know if he’s breaking and entering,” she joked of Mila Kunis’ fiance. “He’s just like, ‘Morning, do you want an omelet?’ . . . And then we sat there before school and ate omelets, not understanding why he was there.”

Kimmel asked if anyone ever came to claim Ashton and she hilariously said, “Demi Moore.” Just a regular day at the Kravitz household!


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