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Even a superstar like Beyonce gets a little bored with her wardrobe every once in a while.

Unlike the King of the Beyhive, however we don’t have the privilege of giving top fashion designers a ring to say, “Eh, I’m just not feeling these outfits anymore. Can you help a sister out?” At least that’s how we’d imagine the conversation begins.

Thankfully, we no longer have to imagine as her stylists Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith are giving us the scoop on what it takes to keep up with the superstar and her closet for the Mrs. Carter World Tour.

In a newly released video, it’s revealed:

“When Beyonce wants new wardrobe, Ty and I reach out to different designers. Once they sumbit the sketches, we go through each sketch and we’ll select which ones we feel will be appropriate for her,” shares Smith “We talk about the fabrics. It’s a process. It has to be stage appropriate in order for her to dance.”

And sometimes that process can take quite a long time–300 hours to be exact. That’s how long it took for just one piece from Versace alone.

Get to know the people Beyhind the seams and learn more about your favorite looks (including the “nipple” dress) from the tour in the video below. This is a must-see.


Beyonce Adds Tom Ford’s “Molly” Dress To Tour Wardrobe (PHOTOS)
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