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Did Robin Thicke get his girl back?

The “Blurred Lines” singer recently performed at the grand opening of the new Express store in Times Square, where E! News’ Alicia Quarles got to catch up with him for exactly 48 seconds.

Robin dished on why he’d decided to be so open about his attempts at winning Paula Patton back after she’d announced their separation. He also talked about touring with his son, being honest with his music, what he finds sexiest in a woman, and how he and his wife are doing currently.

As far as those public pleas for forgiveness:

“I wasn’t sharing anything except what I was going through at that very second. So for me, as an entertainer and a songwriter, it’s important for the music to be honest. I just try to be as honest as I can.”

And don’t get it twisted – he’s been spending a lot of time with his son Julian:

“He just spent a week with me on tour and we had the most amazing time, and now he’s back with mommy right now.”

If you’re wondering what the heartthrob finds sexy in a woman, wonder no more:

“Sense of humor. There’s nothing that’s more important than being able to laugh with somebody, because we all have tough times, but if you can laugh through life, you can get through anything.”

Finally, when asked if he’s still fighting for his relationship, Robin smiles before saying:

“Oh that’s a personal question… but we’re both very happy.”

That’s personal now? Wasn’t he just on stage revealing an intimate conversation he and Paula had to the world?

Visit E! to see the interview.


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