Woman Dies After Falling From Six Flags Over Texas Roller Coaster

A grandfather from Wisconsin is currently in a coma after he fell off of a popular roller coaster ride at Mt. Olympus Theme Park.

Anthony Theisen suffered from multiple fractures and a brain injury after the safety bar failed while he rode the “Opa!” coaster at the park.

The 63-year-old fell 17 feet from the ride, and is currently at University Hospital in Madison where family members are waiting for him to wake up.

According to the Daily Mail, his wife told police that unlike her husband’s, her safety bar did not unlock and that he flew out of the cart when they sharply turned a corner on the ride.

Officer Troy Spencer wrote of the incident:

“It appeared that the lap bar on Seat #1 locking mechanism was stripped. I checked the lap bars over three times to make sure Seat #1 was the only seat to come unlocked, which it was.”

After interviewing multiple maintenance workers, police said that the ride was reportedly working fine the whole day leading up to the incident.

We pray for Anthony Theisen and his family during this tragic time, and hope he makes a full recovery.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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