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After some time spent battling it out, Paul Walker’s mom will back off her demand to become guardian of Paul’s 15-year-old daughter, Meadow even though that’s what he said he wanted in his will.

The catch? She’ll back off only if Meadow’s mom goes to rehab.

TMZ reports:

Paul’s mom Cheryl Walker went to court this week … ready to do battle with Rebecca Soteros. Rebecca has a serious drinking problem, with 2 DUIs under he belt. Her drinking is why Meadow moved from Hawaii 3 years ago to live with her dad in L.A.

We’ve learned Rebecca and Cheryl came face-to-face and Rebecca grudgingly told Cheryl she would go to rehab immediately. Cheryl then promised she would drop her bid for guardianship if Rebecca successfully completed the program and agreed to drug testing afterward.

We’re told Rebecca said being with Meadow was the most important thing to her, and she knew there would be an ugly court fight if she didn’t comply with Cheryl’s demands. So Rebecca started a detox program Friday, and will enter full-time rehab in a week.

In the meantime Meadow is staying with the Walker family.


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