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Karrueche recently announced that she’s single – but that doesn’t mean her on-again-off-again celebrity boyfriend Chris Brown doesn’t check up on her when he can.

The troubled singer has been ordered to remain in jail until April 23rd after violating his probation by getting kicked out of rehab last month. While behind bars, it seems Breezy is still making good on his promises, releasing the  “Loyal” video and keeping Karrueche close by calling her and letting her know she’s loved.

Karrueche posted the above video, where she can be seen blushing as Chris sends this message:

“Calling all my fans, letting y’all know I love y’all. Thank y’all for all the support. Thank you for everything. You know the video just came out so hope y’all enjoy that. Um, and most importantly – Kae, I love you. So thank you for…”

Chris got cut off toward the end, but the message is clear. In other music news, Karrueche and her new sidekick made a music video of their own. Watch Kae sing “Drunk In Love” effortlessly below:


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