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If you are a regular listener of hip-hop music, then you know that profanity just comes with the territory. Rappers curse, and they curse a lot.

So which rapper curses the most?

This fella named Andrew Powell-Morse did a cool study for, breaking down cursing in popular rap music since 1985. 

Here’s how he explained his study:

“We examined profanity in popular rap music since 1985. The key word here is “popular”. To do this, we selected the five albums from each year that we deemed as the most influential or important. Total sales, artist name recognition, and album hit density all factored into our album choices. Ultimately though, it was our own perceived popularity of each album that determined if it made the cut.”

So what did we learn reading Andrew’s study? Some interesting things. First: Tupac is the creator of the two most profane rap albums of all time. Number one is All Eyez on Me, which has over 900 curses, and number two is Until the End of Time, which was released after his death and contains 895 curses.

Too Short’s Raw, Uncut & X-rated had the most curses per song (almost 50) while the Geto Boys are considered to be the most profound rap act (they curse an average of 46 times a song).

As for the most vulgar rap song of all time? That honor would have to go to Lil Jon and Ice Cube’s “Roll Call.”

Here is what Andrew has to say about that song:

“Lil’ Jon’s “Real N*gga Roll Call” featuring Ice Cube from 2004 is mindbogglingly vulgar. In total it contains more than 329 cuss words, including: 165 n*ggas, 61 f*cks, 33 p*ssys, 25 b*tches, 21 asses, 17 hos, 4 skeets, and 3 sh*ts. It really is utterly ridiculous.”

For the entire survey, check out the link. And to hear “Real Nigga Roll Call”  because, why the fuck not? — scroll down.


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