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Oh, the Huxtables: One of TV’s favorite families.

If you’re anything like us, while watching The Cosby Show there were probably a lot of moments you wished the Huxtable family could just adopt you as their own. Think about it: you’d live in an awesome brownstone in Brooklyn, your parents (Cliff and Clair) were a doctor and lawyer respectively (they got money), and almost every celebration or problem was solved with some sort of musical rendition. Enough said.

Not convinced? Let us break this down for you.

1. At any given moment, you could be swept into a dance/musical routine like this…

Or this…

2. Because you’d have a brother/son who’d make raps out of Shakespeare stories.

3. Denise’s style was always on point. Being her sister meant you had access to her closet of wonder and could steal borrow her clothes.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C (Vanessa was killing that fringed vest):

4. As a matter of fact, the whole Huxtable crew was rather stylish and the term “Cosby Sweater” wasn’t coined for no reason. A fresh family unit always wins.

5. Girl troubles? A dad like Cliff Huxtable knew how to draw those emotions out…in song of course.

6. Because Clair Huxtable always kept it real with her kids.

And even with people who weren’t her kids…

7. “Peter-from-across-the-street” was the cutest neighbor ever. 

8. Because you’d have that one member that’d randomly disappear and reappear, but you still loved her…

9. Clair and Cliff were probably the most genuinely in-love TV parents. 

10. And they would always let you sleep in their bed whenever you got scared. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Tumblr, Blogger