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At the end of each week, we find ourselves reliving the good ol’ days in our heads. The days when Tommy didn’t have a job, Urkel was trying to fall in love with Laura, and Hilary Banks was the hottest bougie girl in the world.

While we might not have seen them popping up on our favorite reality shows, did you know that almost all of your favorite ’90s stars are on social media?

We decided to search through Twitter to find a few celebrities we haven’t seen in a while – and what we saw made us go, ‘Oh snap!’

Maxine from Living Single – in real life known as Erika Alexander – is now spending her days living a modest social media life, with almost 5,000 followers on Twitter. She recently had a Living Single reunion with a few of her castmates.

Then there are people like Hilary Banks – Karyn Parsons as her mother calls her. She’s currently willing to record your voicemail message as Hilary, if you give her $200 for her Kickstarter.

Our guy Tommy Ford from Martin finally got a job… As a motivational speaker and acting coach. He’s on Twitter dishing that knowledge.

P.S. His #TBT pics are awesome on Instagram:

The Wonder Years was one of our favorite shows, but almost suddenly, Fred Savage just sorta vanished. Well, he decided to become a director, get married and have a kid – but he’s still on Twitter:

Growing up, we loved watching Blossom. Not for Blossom, but more so for her BFF Six. Jenny Von Oy went on to star on The Parkers, but where is she now? On Twitter she shows off her motherly ways, her kid, and her love for Starbucks. Her TBTs are awesome too:

Bryan Cranston left Malcolm In The Middle to become the man Walter White on Breaking Bad, but what happened to Malcolm? Turns out, Frankie Muniz is a mother-phucking G.

Adina Howard went from wanting a Freak Like Me to being a religious freak for God. She is blessed and highly favored.

And she is a chef.

Urkel (Jaleel White) is still dripping with ’90s swagu:

Anyone else remember Pete & Pete from Nickelodeon? Well, young Pete is addicted to Vine.

The best part is that unlike Kenan and Kel, Pete & Pete (Mike Maronna and Danny Tamberelli) are still friends. They have a talk show together:

If you’re reading this now and thinking, ‘where is Bud from The Cosby Show?’ – you’re not alone.

What are you waiting for, go and follow your favorite ’90s stars…now!


Your Favorite ’90s Stars On Twitter (PHOTOS)
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