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Miley Cyrus is going through a rough time right now.

The superstar’s dog Floyd has passed away a few days ago, and Miley loved him so much that she recently dedicated a whole segment to him during her Bangerz Tour stop last night in New Jersey.

While singing her heart out next to a giant model of her late pup, Miley nearly broke down as she dedicated her music to what was one of her best friends.

Her sadness didn’t stop her from pulling out all the stops and crazy antics, however. Miley entertained fans by riding on a hot dog, twerking, and grinding on a car hood.

hopefully, she’ll be in better spirits soon – she got a new puppy just yesterday, and they’re already bonding.

Naming the cute little guy Moonie, the adorable fur ball looks like he will be great company for Miley.

On Friday, She tweeted:

Miley was also spotted in NYC today, on her way to perform at the Barclays Center. She cried with Moonie in her arms and was obviously really broken up about losing her doggy companion.

Poor Smiley! We hope you feel better soon.

PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Twitter

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