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In 2007, Yung Joc was on top of the world. He had a hit song, “It’s Going Down,” he was the main act on Bad Boy South, and he made the Forbes list, pulling in $10 million that year.

Then he hit bump in the road with rap beef and label issues, eventually getting into a very public battle with his label over money and royalties. Fast forward to today. Yung Joc is plotting a comeback. He’s on the upcoming season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, promoting a new single and he has a plan to turn this reality TV gig into a business like the Kardashians.

Joc stopped by the No Judgment Zone to discuss his plans, his current relationship with Diddy, and Nicki Minaj remaking his “Looking Ass Nigga” song. Joc held nothing back, making for one of the best No Judgment Zone’s ever.

Yung Joc On Reality TV Being A Career Killer:

“You can just look at somebody like the Kardashians right now. Now it’s to the point where people understand the power of that platform of TV. You hitting TV and you get endorsements and everywhere you go, people of different races and age groups are like, ‘Can I get a picture?’ If anything, it has helped reboot my system. So all that, ‘It’s over with’ shit – to each his own. But if you go on there and play yourself, then it might be a lot of truth to that statement.”

Yung Joc on Nicki Minaj Using His Song: 

“That’s the world of music and entertainment. Life is a circle. Our record is actually titled Looking Ass Nigga, so when I saw Nicki do it, it wasn’t a bad thing to me. That gave me more confirmation that I was on to something long ago and it’s come back around in such a short period of time, which means it’s powerful enough to come back again.

Eminem, if you listen to “Rap God,” he goes for like 20 seconds with “Looking Boy” in the song. So to have someone as iconic as Eminem and someone as iconic as Nicki Minaj do that… Man, my nuts feel really big right now. Yeah, they fuck with the kid.”

Yung Joc On His Relationship With Diddy:

“I never had one argument with this guy. There was never a time when I said, ‘I want this,’ or ‘I need this,’ and he told me no. The one time he did do it, we got over that hump very quickly and easily and we did it as gentlemen.

I think that what the world did not understand back when I first made that release about my discrepancies was that it was about the middle man. Which had nothing to do with Diddy…”

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