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Kim Kardashian has been kind of quiet lately when it comes to the constant rumor mill circling her family, but yesterday – as North West napped – the new mom took to her blog to debunk rumors that she’s a diva and a thief.

After several blogs accused Kim of attempting to pass off a stock image she found on google as her own, Kim spoke out in an effort to clear her name and let the public know she never claimed to have taken the photo. Kanye’s wife-to-be also talked about her Thailand hotel’s comments, in which they recently claimed she had 6-hour spa treatments daily.

Check out what she had to say below:

“There’s 2 things I have to get off my chest. I know I should ignore these things, and usually I do but I’m just in that mood today! I instagramed a pic of Thailand I found on Google thanking Thailand for the memories we had on our recent trip. I never claimed to have taken that pic. It was the best pic to show how pretty Thailand was. I was already home and couldn’t take a new pic… just didn’t have scenic pics on my phone! I see today people are calling me a fraud… but ummm when did I ever say i took that pic? LOL.” 

Check out the photo in question here. Kim continued:

” I see the hotel I stayed at gave quotes that I had 6-hour spa treatments daily. The hotel was gorgeous and had amazing service, but not once did I get a massage, which I’m actually pissed I didn’t do because a Thai massage I heard are the best! Never once did I get a manicure or any other spa treatment. NOT ONE!” the boutique chain owner blogged. So I really don’t appreciate false info making me out to be a diva…. come on I was busy taking selfies all day!!! Just kidding…well not really. Buuuuut even if family members got spa treatments they should because we were on vacation! Like I get it, they want to promote their gorgeous resort and spa, but just don’t lie…. I would rather spend six hours a day with my family and daughter, not in spa treatments.”

And lastly:

“I just hate when people lie about things so I am in the mood to blog because my daughter finally went down for a nap and I am here bored! Thailand was beautiful, great food, amazing people. Can’t wait to go back one day.”

Well don’t worry Kim because Kendall and Kylie are getting back at all of the Kardashian-Jenner haters via their latest endeavor on the hilarious tv show “Deal With It.”

While taking part in the show, which films unsuspecting couples while celebrities get one person in the pair to prank the other, the sisters turn things up after a prankee calls the Kardashians slutty.

Kendall and Kylie tell the guy on the date to call his lady friend “crazy like the kardashians” and she responds, “No, I’m not slutty.”

Ouch! Check out how it all goes down below:

SOURCE: E! | PHOTO/VIDEO CREDIT: Youtube, Instagram

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