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Smirnoff, the largest vodka brand in the world, is releasing a new campaign, “Exclusively for Everybody,” to bring people of all sizes, shapes, colors, and tastes together for ‘The Ultimate House Party.”

Alison Brie from NBC’s Community and Adam Scott from NBC’s Parks and Recreation are the stars of the campaign’s digital film titled “The Party,” which takes viewers on a hilarious journey showcasing that partying is way more fun when there’s no judging that’ll kill the vibe and everyone can pour it up together.

Music app Spotify joins in on the fun, because what’s a party without music? Smirnoff and Spotify will bring people together through the “Ultimate House Party” sweepstakes.

Starting today, Vodka lovers (21 and up of course!) can submit their must-have house party track into the sweepstakes by going to for the chance to win one of four epic house parties thrown in their hometown. This Ultimate House Party includes all of the best Smirnoff drinks and music by Smirnoff’s official DJ, DJ Jayceeoh, who has worked with artists such as Talib Kweli and Wiz Khalifa. You and your friends get to enjoy free vodka and music into the wee hours of the morning in your own hometown!

For those who don’t walk away with the grand prize, entrants can win a three-month premium Spotify membership, furthering Smirnoff’s commitment to inclusively – music for everyone.