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What does the perfect female body look like to you? That’s the question lingerie and sex toy retailer asked men and women, and the results do not measure up.

According to the survey, women prefer waif-like bodies with Jennifer Anniston’s breasts and the hips of Emma Watson. She’d have the face of supermodel Cara Delevingne with the mane of the Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge. Men, on the other hand, believe the perfect female body has the hair of the sexiest woman alive, Scarlett Johansson, a “softer” face like Megan Fox, and the curves of Kim Kardashian. Surprise, surprise.

And as for the perfect male body? The men surveyed said he would have Brad Pitt’s hair, David Beckham’s legs, and Ryan Gosling’s torso. Ok, we can dig it. But, for women, the perfect man has Brad Pitt’s biceps, David Beckham’s legs and the hair of Harry Styles. Harry Styles? Were the women involved in this study 13?

Ladies, gentlemen, do you think these are accurate? Describe your perfect fraken-celeb in the comments below.


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