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Which rapper is the biggest foodie?

Is it Action Bronson, who drops line after line about various foods in his songs? Is it 2 Chainz, who dropped a cookbook last year? Or is it Bun B who puts up his delicious meals on his Instagram?

Those are all good guesses, but we got a better nominee: Our homie Trick Daddy (who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately.)

The “Nann Nigga” rapper loves his food, and you can see proof of this on his Instagram, where he posts many meals. (Trick, unlock your IG, fool.)

Not only does the guy love to eat but he cooks himself a killer meal, too.

So we decided to make a post for those who need help in the kitchen, based on Trick’s IG.

Scroll down and check out the tips we picked up.

Do you wanna make some good cabbage? Well, kill the water, fool. All you need is some olive oil and a little bit of brown sugar.

You know what goes great with some cabbage? Fried chicken. The secret to good fried chicken is the oil, which has to be boiling hot when you drop the chicken in the pan. (If you don’t get hit with no grease, it ain’t hot enough, bruh.)

The finished product is a delicious treat. (Though you might wanna let those wangs sit on some paper towel.)

You don’t always have to fry chicken. Switch things up by making some “souse.” Directions are pretty simple: all you need is a little bit of chicken (don’t skimp on price either)…

And A WHOLE LOT of “souse”

You let that “souse” cook and it’s perfect. And if anyone ask you for some, just tell ‘em “Nann Nigga.”

How you season your chicken is very important. One of the best recipes is that lemon pepper chicken that Rick Ross always talking about. 

Trick loves his meats, but he can also put together a killer salad. Dump a bunch of fruit on your lettuce for a cool snack. IG user sadepocahon, who wants to marry Trick, is right when she says:”This don’t need any dressings!”

 What do you eat with that cool, healthy salad? How about a heavy, thick steak, fried to a crisp.

Make sure that steak is extra, extra, extra well done. 

Another Trick Daddy trick: why make a meal with only one starch? 

When you can have one, two, three, four starches!

When it comes to turkey legs: it’s not about how the food looks. It’s all about the taste.

Nothing goes better with turkey wings is some deep dried Conch fritters…

SOURCE: Instagram