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A Texas mother has been arrested for felony child neglect after she was seen kicking her son out of a car without shoes, and sending her daughter to get beer in Florida.

According to KHOUSuzanne Simon forced her 12-year-old son out of her car before she told her 8-year-old daughter to go on a booze run while the family was on vacation.

Reports say that these events transpired after Simon had been drinking for the majority of the day, which is why she smelt of alcohol during her arrest.

A friend of Simon told the site:

“I’m nervous. Where are the kids? I want to know where the kids are. Did she just leave them on the street and take off,” questioned Simon’s friend Mary Lou. “She never mistreated the kids. Never.”

“What was she doing over there? The kids were in school,” said Mary Lou. “If you find the kids, bring them to me. I’ll take care of them. Those kids are real sweet.”

The son was eventually picked up by witnesses, who returned him to the family’s vacation hotel in Key West, which led to her arrest shortly after.

When the 8-year-old daughter was questioned, she revealed that she found a beer car on the street, brought it to Simon, who then smacked her on the forehead with it.

Suzanne is currently in the Stock Island jail and being held on $5,000 bond, and there is no word as to where her children are.

35-year-old Desiree J. Taylor is the talk of the internet as she recent walked into a Publix without pants and stole wine.

As she entered the Ocala location at around 2pm, with nothing but a t-shirt and slippers on, she left moments later carrying a box of wine valued at $41.68, according to police. A warrant for her arrest was issued after police confirmed her identity on Friday night.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Taylor was arrested last month on charges of resiting an officer with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer and disturbing the peace, according to records from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. She’s been out of jail for about two weeks.

Oh, Florida!


SOURCE: KHOU, OrlandoSentinel

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