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Prince Joso, in case you ain’t know so!

If there’s one thing Fabolous is known for besides his punch line ability, it’s his knack for throwing a dope ‘fit together (with the help of Emily B., of course). Not surprisingly, it turns out that Fab’s son, Johan Jackson, is no different, boasting the same effortless style as his hip-hop pops.

Not only does Prince Joso always look his best, he has a cool, calm, and confident persona that’s sure to have the ladies going crazy when he grows up into a young man.

This 6-year-old has more swag than most adults we know – but hey, with parents like his, what else would you expect? Check out 27 times he proved our point via the gallery below.

And did we mention Johan is the spitting image of his dad?


Prince Joso’s Swaggiest Moments (PHOTOS)
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