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The Easter Bunny gave us a real nice treat yesterday. The little chocolate rabbits that we ate one too many of were great and all, but there was nothing more satisfying than seeing Barack Obama in his Sunday best.

He, along with the equally fly First Family, left the White House yesterday morning for service at the Nineteen Street Baptist Church, and if you have yet to get a glimpse at how sharp Barack was in his tan suit, well then, you’re welcome.

What’s so special about this, you ask?

To which we answer, everything. All of it. Because how cute is it that he and Michelle are coordinating? Pretty damn cute. Because did you notice how his security detail is matching him, too? Probably not. Because how often do we see the Prez in a suit that isn’t black, blue or some variation of gray? Not very often.

Go ahead and just take it all in.


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