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Romeo loves his mom, Sonya Miller, but it’s obvious that he sides with his father when it comes to her claims that Master P doesn’t do enough for her.

After telling the world she’s on welfare and following up with a petition for divorce, more recent reports claim that Sonya is seeking $67 million in the divorce settlement, because according to her, she helped Master P become the success he is.

TMZ caught up with Romeo and asked the 24-year-old USC graduate about the family feud, and Romeo wasted no time telling reporters that Sonya needed to be a better parent.

Romeo said of his mother:

“Honestly, I love my mom to death but I mean, we gotta just work out some things. She gotta be a better parent, you know? If she’s a better parent then she could have everything. She get everything, regardless but it’s like you gotta be a better parent. That’s the thing about life… you have a kid, be a great parent.”

He goes on to say that nobody is perfect, before kicking the reporters out of his family’s business and commenting that the Millers should have a reality show.

Unfortunately for him, this will probably get messier before it gets better, because it doesn’t look like his mom plans on backing down any time soon.

We’ll keep you posted. Check out his full statement here.


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