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Oh, Soulja Boy!

Earlier on in the week, pharmaceutical company Actavis made headlines after announcing its decision to try and get the popular drink, known as “lean,” off the street by cutting off their cough syrup supply.

While even Lil Boosie agrees the dangerously addictive thirst-quencher has plagued the hip-hop community and many more, Soulja Boy isn’t in line with the idea of getting rid of it.

In fact, Soulja Boy hates the idea so much that apparently he’s rallying his friends to petition it.

TMZ reports:

Soulja Boy says it’s wrong to take high-end cough syrup off the market … because thousands of sick people need it — and he REALLY loves it — so he’s on a mission to bring Actavis back. Soulja Boy tells TMZ … he’s “mad as hell” over Actavis’ decision to cease all production of promethazine codeine — saying it doesn’t punish rappers — it hurts the infirmed. S.B. doesn’t think Actavis’ decision had anything to do with celebrities drinking it — even though that’s what the company said, adding, “Actavis is running away from money … they could be selling out everywhere.”

The site says Soulja adds:

“As far as the lean goes, just know I been had the juice since 2011.”

If we’re being totally honest, Soulja probably won’t get anywhere with that argument… Nice try though!


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