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Last night Jamie Foxx paid a visit to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon for the first time, and we may be exaggerating a little, but his time there was slightly magical.

How else would you describe a celebrity of Jamie’s caliber knighting Fallon’s show as “the coolest” on television, telling a dope story about getting Colin Powell to dance, and making fun of Bill O’Reilly?

During the less than flattering impression, Jamie nearly has Fallon in tears as he says in his best O’Reilly voice:

“I tried to get Bill O’Reilly on there. He was like ‘Get away from me Jamie Foxx. I don’t want any part of that molasses. I dont wan’t any part of that basketball, or whatever you guys are doing up there. Soon you’ll have me eating chicken. I don’t want any of that… have me listening to hip-hop and all of that kind of stuff. You know, Jamie Foxx is a pinhead, get away from me Jamie Foxx.’ I’m kidding. I love Bill O’Reilly, I’m joking man.”

Jamie’s hilarious antics didn’t stop there, however.

He went on to perform during his visit, singing “a list of unsexy words in a super sexy way.” Among the words are ointment, gesticulate, clammy, spongy, hamburger, and more.

Check out his sit down and impression above, and his performance below.

You’re welcome.


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