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Congrats are in order for the beautiful ladies of The Other Woman.

Earlier on in the weekend, sales were through the roof for the highly-anticipated film – on its opening day, The Other Woman had already grossed a whopping $9.6 million in sales.

Though it was expected to finish off the weekend with $25.4 million in sales, the film actually did $24.7 million, which was still enough to knock Captain America: The Winter Soldier out of its three-week top spot.

Who run the world? Girls!

Speaking of raking in the big bucks, the Angry Birds mobile game franchise ended 2013 nicely, as its consolidated revenue for the year was a whopping $216 million.

Rovio CFO, Herkko Soininen, explains the figures:

“After three years of very strong growth, 2013 was a foundation-building year. We invested in new business areas, such as animation and video distribution, ventured into new business models in games, and consolidated our strong market position in consumer products licensing. With these investments we have been gearing up for the future growing markets.”

As Rovio’s Consumer Products business continues to expand, Angry Birds is sure to bring in huge numbers.

Paul Walker’s death has certainly been hard on fans, but his family definitely has it the worst.

The late actor’s brother, Cody Walker, recently opened up about losing Paul during an interview with the Associated Press on Thursday. According to Cody, Paul was away for months at a time, which makes his death especially difficult.

At one point, he said:

“It’s going to take a few years before it even feels real.”

Cody went on to talk about Paul’s modesty, which is when he really started choking up. Check out the interview above. Paul Walker will be missed.

For all you Game of Thrones lovers, we have a special treat for you.

In episode 34 of the HBO hit, Daenerys’ follower Missandei gives her army captain Grey Worm a lesson in the Common Tongue, as they recount being taken into slavery when they were children.

This action-packed episode doesn’t end there however, with Grey Worm leading his army – disguised as slaves – to infiltrate Meereen through the sewers, and more.

Check out the Inside The Episode special up above.