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Jayonce in the house!

Ladies and gentlemen, get out your check books or give up your first-born child. Jay Z and Beyonce are officially hitting the road together on their collaborative “On The Run” stadium tour.

Over the past decade, Jay Z and Beyonce have been blessing the people with sexy collaborations. Some to die for, and a select few we wish would, sadly enough, die.

From their mega hit “Crazy In Love” to their not-so-mega hit “Hollywood,” Jay Z and Beyonce are the king and queen, but that’s not to say their collaborations are infallible. In honor of the Carters, we decided to rank all of their sonic teamwork.

You may disagree, but take a look anyway. Also, make sure you get in on the action and vote for your favorite Jayonce collabo below.

10. Jay Z’s “Hollywood”/ Beyonce’s “Welcome To Hollywood” 

Same song. Different titles. Same sentiment. Not our fave. “Hollywood” was featured on Jay Z’s polarizing 2006 album Kingdom Come, and unfortunately, the glittery collaboration fell short. Even Beyonce attempted to revamp the collab on the deluxe version of her B’Day album by removing one of Jay’s verses and adding more vocals. Still, “Hollywood” will forever be remembered as the track we all wish Jay and Bey would’ve left in the vault.

9. “That’s How You Like It” 

Like “Crazy In Love,” “That’s How You Like It” was featured on Beyonce’s solo debut album, Dangerously In Love. Although Jay and Bey weren’t confirming or denying their blossoming relationship, “That’s How You Like It” confirmed our suspicions. They were dating. The collaboration is cute, but compared to the uptempo “Crazy In Love” and add in the sonically dated production, it just doesn’t make the cut.

8. “Tom Ford” 

We like “Tom Ford,” but it barely counts as a Jay Z and Beyonce collaboration. Jay Z credited his wife as “Third Ward Trill” on the Timbaland and J-Roc-produced track. In her sultry southern voice, fans can hear Beyonce singing “coming up, coming down…bad bitch…H-town.” Peace up, H-Town down.

7. “03 Bonnie And Clyde” 

We love this music video, it was so…2003. Like “Crazy In Love,” “Bonnie and Clyde” was a big hit in 2003. Unfortunately, the hip-hop spin on the most infamous fugitive couple lacked the charisma of  “Crazy In Love” and definitely didn’t give Bey much room to show off her vocal ability. Let’s just say, Beyonce won the battle with her “bae.”

6. “Part II (On The Run)”

“Part II (On The Run)” is obviously the continuation of “03 Bonnie And Clyde.” Jay Z and Beyonce are still outlaws engaging in “illegal” activities, but “Part II” represents a more mature fugitive couple. Not to mention, Beyonce manages to make breaking the law sound absolutely blissful.

5. “Lift Off”

Lift off, represent, and watch the throne.

Who else deserves to be on the throne with Jay Z and Kanye West? Obviously, his wife Beyonce. “Lift Off” is featured on Jay Z and Kanye West’s collaborative album, Watch The Throne. Letting the boys be boys by talking sh*t, Beyonce softened the inspirational track by adding some pretty melodic runs that’ll surely assist anyone on their adventure to the moon.

4. “Deja Vu”

Bass. Hi-hats. Horns. “Deja Vu” was created with the same exact formula of “Crazy In Love,” which is one of the reasons why it ranks so high. While Beyonce unleashes her vocal fury, Jay Z keeps calm and raps about taking his boo to Jacob the jeweler. Mix these two elements together, and you have a wildly romantic club banger.

3. “Upgrade U”

What’s higher than number one? Beyonce managed to have every woman vowing to upgrade her man with this 2006 cut. For those who believe feminist Beyonce was birthed on the night “Flawless” was recorded, think again. Beyonce boasted about the importance of women, and their ability to upgrade their male counterparts way back when. Add in Jay’s catchy verse, and sprinkle in Beyonce’s humble bragging about Cartier top clips (which don’t exist) and Hermes briefcases, and you have yet another hit.

2. “Crazy In Love”

Never thought Beyonce or Jay Z could dethrone their 2003 mega hit “Crazy In Love,” but 10 years later they came harder (and drunker). Even in 2014, “Crazy In Love” can still move a dead room with its timeless triumphant horns. It’s been a long run for “Crazy In Love,” but it lost to a great sequel.

1. “Drunk In Love”

Ahhh, we love this song! “Drunk In Love” has only been out for six months, and despite hearing it every five seconds on the radio, we’re not tired of it – yet. A more candid (and drunk) version of their 2003 hit “Crazy In Love,” “Drunk In Love” depicts a mature couple that’s more comfortable with sharing tidbits of their ultra-private relationship. Fans have never seen Jay and Bey this open, and well, we love it. If we do say (D’Usse) so ourselves.



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