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Can these two disappear already?

Beau to Love & Hip-Hop star Mimi Faust has penned a song about his “golden rod” (yes, that’s code for penis). Despite receiving unfavorable reviews of their attention whoring sex tape, Nikko is still dragging this out by releasing a song titled, “New Shower Rod.”

TMZ reports:

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Nikko Smith is so in love with his suddenly famous junk … he wrote a song to celebrate it — and TMZ has audio of the phallic ode.

As we first reported … Nikko and Mimi Faust‘s very dirty shower work in “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” has been raking in major dough — and it also inspired Nikko to write “New Shower Rod.” 

The song’s an instant Valentine’s Day classic with lyrics like … “Don’t you change a thing, my personal freak” — and “Let me f*ck you in the shower, hands up on the rod.”

We’re warning you now: the song is pretty terrible. But take a listen to “New Shower Rod” anyway, and then erase it from your memory.



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