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Despite the tit-for-tat shots they’ve been taking at each other lately, there was room for both Drake and Jay Z in Brooklyn last night, as they both attended the Raptors Vs. Nets playoff game at the Barclays Center.

Hov brought along his lovely wife Beyonce and best friend Ty Ty Smith, who helped him cheer on the Nets team, while Drizzy went hard for Toronto.

Though Drake and his lint roller have been the center of attention at these games previously, Jay and Bey definitely took the spotlight off of the Canadian rapper as they were photographed together laughing and having a great time.

Bey even pulled out a lollipop at one point.

But Drake wasn’t totally invisible.

If you’re wondering what had Beyonce an Jay dying of laughter, it was probably the fact that the Nets pranked Drizzy by photoshopping their jersey onto him when he was shown on the jumbotron. Hilarious!

Bey – who looked absolutely gorgeous as usual – was making some pretty funny faces that we are sure will turn into new internet memes soon.

Overall, the three hip-hop head honchos seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the night as Brooklyn won Game 6 of the playoffs, and forced a Game 7.

Check out more photos below! Wouldn’t it have cute if Drake brought RiRi?

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

Jay Z, Beyonce, & Drake Attend Raptors Vs. Nets Game
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