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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on screen together, but they’re finally going to reunite!

The title hasn’t been released yet but apparently, Angelina wrote the script and concept for a new movie that the real-life couple will star in together.

A source revealed to about the upcoming movie:

“The film is set in Europe,” our sources exclusively reveal to us. “It’s such an exciting new venture. People will not want to miss it!”

That’s definitely some of the best movie news we’ve got all year. We’ll keep you updated!

For all you Orange Is The New Black fans who can’t wait until the second season hits Netflix on June 6th, you might be interested in this!

Taylor Schilling, who stars as Piper in the hit series, recently did an interview with Boston Common magazine and revealed some details about the upcoming season.

She told the mag:

“The thing that I love about this show is the idea that everybody is kind of a breath away from prison. None of us are angels, and looking back at my past I think, My God, I can’t believe I got away with that,” she says. “It’s like the what-if scenario gets played out every episode of the show. This season that happens a lot more clearly with a lot more of the characters, so we really get to see where people are coming from and why they’re there and what happened to them.”

The first season definitely made waves, as it touched on prison facilities for women in a goofy way that was totally unexpected. Will you be tuning in? We know we will.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Oh no!

A former employee who worked on set of Grey’s Anatomy is suing director Herbert Davis, claiming he made harsh sexist jokes on set that it made women physically sick.

TMZ reports:

Timothy Day — a best boy grip for 10 years — claims director Herbert Davis made a slew of sexist jokes about female staffers … referring to them as “idiots” who were not qualified for the job.

Day says it was so bad even Debbie Allen — who directed several episodes — complained.  The suit claims the harassment — which allegedly occurred in 2011 — made some female employees physically sick.

And there’s this.  Day says he asked the folks at HR whether Davis’ comments constituted a hostile work environment, and he claims an HR rep said, “We usually want to hear that he’s throwing chairs, screaming at people.”

Day says HR told him others complained as well.  And he says, he was fired shortly after lodging his formal complaint.

That’s definitely unsettling, to say the least, and we hope this lawsuit helps get to the bottom of it.

Amy Adams stunned all of us with her performance in American Hustle this past year, and now she’s starring in another upcoming movie called Lullaby.

The film is a dramatic take on a cancer-stricken father who wants to be taken off life support within 48 hours, so needless to say, there won’t be any hilarious comedic moments from the actress this time around.

Amy stars as the girlfriend of the father’s estranged son, and works to make sure he is comforted during the stressful time.

Check out the trailer above!

If you thought that working with the claws of Wolverine would be scary, you thought right!

Hugh Jackman, who stars as the beloved wolf man in the X-Men series recently shared stories about running naked on set, and almost cutting his own penis off while wearing the claws during a media stop on The Graham Norton Show.

He also joined his co-stars for a dance-off to Robin Thicke‘s hit song “Blurred Lines”, and it’s pretty adorable!

Check out the videos above.

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