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Godzilla returns on May 16th and naturally, I’m very excited. They don’t call me BlogXilla for nothing. The film stars a few of my favorite actors: Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, to name a few.

This Godzilla pays homage to the original 1954 film, as the world’s most famous monster is pitted against some flying creatures hell-bent on sucking up the world’s nuclear energy and destroying everything in their path – but here’s the catch. While there is a lot of destruction in this film, the foundation of the story is based on a scientist played by Cranston named Joe Brody, his son, Ford Brody, and wife, Elle.

Since Godzilla is about to hit theaters, I thought I’d share with y’all all the random Godzilla facts I know – being that I’m BlogXilla, of course.

Check out these interesting facts – by the numbers – below.

Godzilla Monster Facts

  • There is 1 king of the monsters.
  • 1.73 ft is the depth of Godzilla’s canine teeth at their widest point.
  • 3 miles is the approximate distance Godzilla’s roar reverberates.
  • 3.51 ft is the length from the root to the tips of Godzilla’s canine teeth.
  • 58 ft is the total width of Godzilla’s feet across the widest point.
  • 60 ft is the length of Godzilla’s footprint from toe to heel.
  • 60 is the amount of teeth Godzilla has in his mouth.
  • 89 dorsal fins spike down Godzilla’s back from his head to the tip of his tail.
  • 355 ft is Godzilla’s towering height in the 2014 film, making him the tallest onscreen incarnation ever.
  • 550 ft’ 4 in is the total length of Godzilla’s spiked tail.
  • 89,724 m3 is Godzilla’s total volume in the 2014 film.
  • 90,000 tons is Godzilla’s volume if filled with water.

Movie Effects Facts 

  • 4 CGI artists from Moving Picture Company (MPC) created Godzilla’s scales.
  • 6 months was the time it took MPC’s CGI artists to animate Godzilla’s scales in their full texture and detail.
  • 7 total filming units were enlisted in the production on Godzilla.
  • 50 versions of the new Godzilla roar were tested until they settled on the final one.
  • 327 was total number of creature visual effects shots created by MPC for the 2014 Godzilla.
  • 445 years is the amount of time it would take to render Godzilla on a single computer; an MPC artist would have had to start in the 16th Century, 1570.
  • 762 visual effects crews worked on Godzilla.
  • 960 is total number of visual effects shots in Godzilla.
  • 100,000W Power of the 12-foot-high, 18-foot-wide speaker array from which the sound designers blasted Godzilla’s roar to record the sound in a “real world” context.
  • 500,000 Polygons were used by MPC artists to create the Godzilla 3D model.

Film Set Facts

  • 6 cities lent their streets to Godzilla’s filming.
  • 28 Godzilla movies were produced by Toho Co., Ltd., over 60 years.
  • 80 San Francisco city blocks get demolished in the epic final battle in Godzilla.
  • 98 sets were created by production designer Owen Paterson and his team for the film
  • 360° or the entire breadth of the San Francisco skyline was captured from multiple angles by visual effects technicians, which were merged into a 3D city backdrop for the film’s epic finale.
  • 400ft stretches of the 8,980-ft-long Golden Gate Bridge were built on the backlot of the Canadian Motion Picture Park studios.
  • 418 is the total number of visual effects shots encompassing backgrounds and environments created by Double Negative for the 2014 Godzilla.
  • 500 is the approximate number of crew members on Gareth Edwards’ mammoth production of Godzilla.

Original Film Facts 

  • 60th anniversary of Godzilla is in 2014 and it was first brought to life in Toho Company, Ltd.’s 1954 film Gojira.
  • 1954 is the year Japan’s Toho Company, Ltd. released Ishirô Honda’s groundbreaking monster movie Godzilla.
  • #1 original Godzilla roar was created by a leather glove being dragged across the strings of a bass.
  • 164 ft is Godzilla’s height in the original 1954 Japanese film.
  • 1st Godzilla was nominated for the Japanese version of the Oscars for its discussion on man-made tragedies (nuclear power).

And some not by the numbers facts:

  • There are nearly 30 Godzilla movies that don’t use CGI and use the original “suitmotion” method.
  • In the ’60s, there was a planned Godzilla vs. Batman film after the success of 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla but production never made it to fruition. Adam West was set to play Batman.
  • The original Godzilla was the most expensive Japanese movie that almost caused the producing studio to bankrupt.
  • The original Godzilla, Gojira, is a combination of the Japanese words for gorilla (gorira) and whale (kujira) and not a dinosaur crossed with a lizard.

Pop Culture Facts

  • Puff Daddy once narrowly escaped a bite from Godzilla.
  • Japanese fans think the new Godzilla is on the chubby-side in comparison to the older version.
  • There was a really weird Nike commercial of Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla.

  • May 16th, 2014 is the date the world’s most revered monster returns to theaters in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ epic new action adventure Godzilla.

PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Bros. 

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