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Never have I ever envied a two-year-old so badly.

Sounds strange, I know. But it’s not just any two-year-old, this is Blue Ivy we’re talking about here. Now do you understand? As if being the daughter of hip-hop royalty wasn’t enough, Blue’s got a wardrobe that rules all the playgrounds in the land–bow down, babies. But Queen Bey is her mother after all, so what else could we really expect?

Oshkosh just won’t do for the princess, but Charlotte Olympia? That’ll do just fine. Beyoncé took to Instagram to show us peasants just how fancy her footwear is, posting her and Blue’s matching velvet Kitty flats from the designer for a “like mother, like daughter” moment.

Both are black velvet slippers embroidered with a cat’s face in gold, trimmed with leather and have a small golden heel (to match the golden sippy cups on the mantle of the Carter castle). Bey’s retail for $495, while her mini-me’s are available for $295.

Could they be anymore purrr-ecious? We think not.


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