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Amber Rose has made it very clear what’s most important to her in this world: her son and her man!

The model shared yet another adorable photo of her 15-month-old son Sebastian Taylor kickin’ it at home. The photo features Bash showing off his mouth full of teeth while trying to get to his mama though a baby gate.

“My little angel,” she captioned the photo.

We can hardly believe how much he’s grown up in the last few months.

Muva Rosebud later shared a video of her rapper hubby, Wiz Khalifa, doing his thing. Amber stood nearby as her man wowed the crowd with his fast flows and his crew backing him.

She captioned the video with lyrics from Wiz’s song, writing, “If u suck it swallow! Throwin money on her like she won the lotto! #itsnotpolitetospit”

Talk about a ride or die chick.


Precious! Wiz & Amber’s Son The Bash’s Cutest Pics Ever (PHOTOS)
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