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UPDATE 11:49 a.m.:

Thank the Instagram Gawds.

Rihanna’s Instagram page is back and better than ever, but don’t expect to see any more NSFW pictures anytime soon. She’s gotta keep it clean in order to keep her page on the up and up!

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While we find Rihanna’s Instagram trolling to be totally hilarious, it seems the folks running the photo-sharing app are far less amused.

After the release of her racy Lui magazine cover, RiRi and her Navy took to the ‘Gram to share the photo thousands of times. It wasn’t long before users discovered that their posts had been removed from the site with little to no warning. The “Monster” singer then announced she was told by the brains of the Instagram operation to delete the nipple-baring photos or have her account deleted.

Never one to play by the rules, Rihanna kept the photos up and proceeded to mock the app’s ‘authorities’ along with her fans, by sharing memes and funny pieces of fan art.

Well, the good folks at Instagram have spoken and it’s clear they were not amused by Rihanna’s topless photos or her little stunt. The pop diva’s account was deleted early this morning.

Rihanna and Instagram need to come to some sort of agreement, we just can’t deal with a RiRi-less photo app for long.


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