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More players have been added to this beef.

Over the weekend, Chicago rapper Lil Durk dissed Cali rapper Tyga on Meek Mill’s “Chi-Raq” freestyle. Tyga quickly fired back by previewing his response to Durk, but little did we know, he asked his good friend Game to get in on the action.

And Game went off.

“I don’t fuck with no new n*ggas, they like to sue no woo n*gga/ Tyga hit me like Durk dissing, Dirk Nowizki? Durk who n*gga?/ never heard of these n*ggas, some nerve of these n*ggas, don’t make me put on burgundy, nigga,” raps Game.

Like we said yesterday, we’re hoping all parties involved keep this “beef” on wax. Take a listen to Game’s scathing verse below.