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The Met Gala always brings out the best in our favorite celebrities, and last night was no different as Rihanna and her abs stunned in Stella McCartney, Kim K. showed a little leg in Lanvin, and Beyonce dazzled in Givenchy.

Make no mistake – the boys came dressed to kill too.

Luckily for us, many of the stars documented their 2014 Met Gala prep via Instagram, took lots of selfies at the ball, and at the after parties. And lots of amazing things happened. Even some rare things. Like Kim K snapping this pic…

And for another example, one of Janelle Monae’s photos with Erykah Badu were taken by Beyonce. Seriously, Janelle captioned it: Photo cred: beyonce

We don’t think anyone’s ever done that in the history of instagram.

Olivia Munn couldn’t hang with the big girls and ended up baring the cold floor shoeless when the red carpet was done. RiRi and Cara Delevingne got ready in the same dressing room (uh oh!), and Kim flicked it up with damn near the entire gala. Oh, and Chrissy Teigen ended her night with an oversized teddy bear!

Check out the dope ass photos in the gallery below.

Beyonce, Cara Delevingne, LaLa, & MORE Share Photos From The 2014 Met Gala
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