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Kevin Hart and Mike Epps might be involved in a war of comedic words right now, but Seth Rogen is siding with his guy Kevin Hart.

Seth was busy promoting his upcoming film Neighbors ,which hits theaters everywhere, Friday, May 9th, when I asked him about Mike Epps saying his friend Kevin Hart was overrated during a radio interview.

Kevin and Seth worked together on his hit movie This Is The End, so obviously when asked about it Seth told us he doesn’t think Kevin is overrated at all and the two may work on a movie together next year. Fingers crossed!

In Neighbors, a newly married couple, Mac & Kelly Radner, have just moved into their new home with their first child when a wild frat moves into the house next to them. The couples quiet nights get disrupted when the frat starts throwing a bunch of wild parties which causes the neighbors to start an extremely hilarious battle with one another making for one funny ass movie.

Check out the interview above.