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Elle Fanning is far from your average teenage girl. How many 16-year-olds do you know that have appeared in 22 movies over the span of 14 years, starring alongside the likes of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson? Or have been the face of a major Italian fashion house? None? That’s what we thought.

She might be the little sister of Dakota Fanning, but this rising star’s been able to share the spotlight with her big sis and seen more success than most of us ever will – all before even learning how to drive.

This summer, we’ll see Elle play Princess Aurora in Maleficent, but first, she’s taking on the role as Interview magazine’s latest cover girl. In her spread, Elle is sorta provocative in poses that might make her look a lot older than she really is (like the one of her lying bikini-clad on a mattress with her arms stretched out above her head), but in her interview, conducted by gal pal ScarJo (see–how cool is this girl?!), there’s something charmingly sweet, innocent–and almost normal–about her. Like the way she talks about high school:

“My favorite subject is science, which is so weird because I would think that my favorite subject would be, I don’t know, something more artistic,” she says. “I only have two more years left now because I’m a sophomore. But I’m also excited to get out of school.”

Head on over to Interview to read the rest of her interview, but before you go, see the spread below.


Happy Birthday Elle! 15 Reasons Why Elle Fanning Is Hollywood’s Newest ‘IT’ Girl! (PHOTOS)
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