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Coming into last night’s NFL Draft, the discussion centered around two things: who would draft Johnny Manziel and…well, really that was all anyone cared about. And, man, was it a roller coaster.

Johnny Manziel, aka Mr. Football, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns on the 22nd pick. Before the draft, reports had the former Texas A&M quarterback as being top five. Obviously, they were wrong. And Twitter had their fun last night as ESPN kept showing Mr. Football nervously sip on a bottle of water as he waited for his name to be called.

But eventually he was drafted. And then later that night, he hit the clubs with Drake.

Good for him.

But let’s get to what’s important here. Manziel and Drake; Drake and Manziel. Draknziel. (Working name.)

It’s amazing how close they’ve become. And despite what a couple of very funny tweets said last night, Drake was on deck to celebrate with his little homie.

And why wouldn’t he be? These two are besties!

Case in point: did you know that when Manziel was drafted, he walked out to a Drake song?

That moment was captured by Drake himself, who put a pic of the football player walking to the podium on his Champagne Papi Instagram account:

Manziel walked out to a track Drake dropped last month called, “Draft Day.”  On that song, Drake raps the line: “Draft day, Johnny Manziel/Five years later, how am I the man still.”

Of course, it was no surprise that Drake made mention of Mr. Football. These dudes enjoy their man time together.

They even went to the NCAA Wisconsin-Kentucky final four game – and got close.

Or, did you know that during the time Drake was promoting his Nothing Was The Same album, the rapper was all over channels big-upping his bestie?

On ESPN’s ESPN1stTake, Drake said, “our friendship will last for a very long time,” even referring to he and Johnny as a “duo.”

On Sports Nation, Drake stood up for his boy when his approval numbers started dropping: “I think it’s evident his pure talent is on the rise and that’s all anybody should be concerned about in the first place,” he said.

While on ESPN’s Sports Center, Drake said that to meet Manziel was “meant to be.”

Manziel wasn’t afraid to show affection for his bestie either. During the months leading up to Nothing Was The Same’s release, Johnny had the album cover as his Twitter header:

In fact, there was a time where Manziel vowed that he would just stop tweeting. His one exception, however, was Drake lyrics from “5 am in Toronto:”


Drake also showed Twitter love back. Multiple times, in fact:

It’s not just online, either. Manziel is always repping that OVO sign.

He has pins…

…phone case covers…


…and tattoos.

Drake reps with t-shirts…

…and, of course, jerseys.

You guys, they’re going to be besties forever.


PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, YouTube

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