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Michelle Obama is ready to fight for the Nigerian schoolgirls who have been kidnappedThat much is clear after she discussed the situation on President Obama‘s weekly address.

The First Lady is “heartbroken” due to the kidnapping of over 200 girls from their school dorms in Nigeria, and wants to do whatever is possible to help bring them back home.

She said in her address:

“Like millions of people across the globe, my husband and I are outraged and heartbroken over the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls from their school dormitory in the middle of the night.” “This unconscionable act was committed by a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education — grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls.” “In these girls, Barack and I see our own daughters,” she added. “And we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now.”

She talked about how the families of the girls were aware of what could happen if they send their daughters to the school, but did it anyway to help them get an education.

Michelle Obama continued:

“But they took that risk because they believed in their daughters’ promise.”

Not only is Michelle Obama speaking out in favor of the girls, but Anne Hathaway is taking on the national issue as well.

The Oscar-winning actress led a protest for #BringBackOurGirls in Los Angeles this week, where she was seen screaming into a megaphone:

“These Nigerian girls are part of the five percent who are able to seek an education. They were taken from their beds in the middle of the night by cowards — cowards who tell them that girls do not deserve an education.”

The protest continued, with Anne’s husband Adam Shulman by her side, where Anne and many others chanted “Bring back our girls!”

In the words of Mrs. Obama, this is truly heartbreaking. Check out the video above!

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Instatgram, Daily Mail

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