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Hundreds of school girls are still missing after being kidnapped, and sold by Islamist group Boko Haram, but there were a few who did manage to escape the torture.

17-year-old Amina Tsawur recently shared the story of how she tricked her kidnappers, with the help of one of the more sympathetic Boko Haram members.

According to the Daily Mail, Tsawur revealed she was advised to ask her captors if she could move away from the rest of the hostages in order to relieve herself, which is when she found the opportunity to escape through the snake-infested under-growth.

She ran through the jungle until she reached a highway, where a motorist picked her up, and drove her to the closest town.

Tsawur feels traumatized after escaping the horrible circumstances, especially thinking of her classmates who are still being held hostage and continuously raped, abused, and enslaved by the Boko Haram.

Here is how she describes the kidnapping:

‘It was about llpm and we were very scared to hear shooting. We didn’t know what to do or where to run.

‘After some time we started seeing men in soldiers’ uniforms coming in the school by torchlight.

‘We thought they were soldiers. They said they had been sent to evacuate us so we would not be harmed.

‘We followed them outside and they got us into a lorry. When they shouted ‘Allahu Akhbar’ [God is great], we knew they were Boko Haram.

‘We all started crying and begging for help, but they ordered us to keep shut or they would kill us.

‘They took us into the bush and we drove all night and in the morning too, until we arrived at a place where they asked some of us to cook, others to wash dishes, some to grind corn and other chores.

‘They kept insulting us and saying that we must stop going to school, that they were going to marry all of us to their people; that our teachers and government are unbelievers whom they would all kill.’

Despite her classmates being left behind for now, authorities believe that Tsawur will be a crucial asset to acquiring more information that could help them find the hundreds of other girls that are still missing.

According to the NY Daily News, Nigerian security forces were aware of the Boko Haram invasion hours before it happened. Even though they knew of the future incident, they did not make any major moves to try and prevent it.

The site reports:

Nigerian security forces were warned that Boko Haram was on the move four hours before the militants stormed a school and kidnapped 300 girls.

But they had neither the soldiers, nor the guts, to take on the Islamic fanatics, according to a report by Amnesty International.

‘This abduction could have been prevented,’ said Amnesty International spokeswoman Susanna Flood.

It continued:

The Amnesty International report made clear that Nigerian forces, plagued by poor morales, were not able to fortify the town of Chibok despite the warning of Boko Haram’s movement.

So there was only a small contingent of poorly-armed police and soldiers in Chibok on April 14 when 200 fighters roared in on motorcycles and in trucks and raided the Government Girls Secondary School.

We are praying for the girls who are still being held captive, and hope that they are able to safely escape.

Meanwhile, about 60 miles away from where the jihadists kidnapped the schoolgirls, a Nigerian church was raided by the same group, with one man living to tell the story of how he survived by playing dead.

According to CNN, Ikenna Nzeribe was shot in the face by soldiers with an AK-47, but managed to survive by acting as though he was dead “until they finished.”

He said of the horrible events:

“I would say I died in the process,” Nzeribe added. “But God brought me back to life.”

We are keeping these victims in our prayers, and hope that there are more survivors out there.


SOURCE: Daily Mail, CNN , NY Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter  

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