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The first gay marriage license has been issued in Arkansas and it was given to two women, Kristin Seaton and Jennifer Rambo, who traveled overnight and were the first of 10 couples to line up outside the courthouse before it opened. This is the first gay marriage license that has been issued in the Dixie state, despite a federal judge ruling that Virginia must distribute them. The couple has been together for four years, and their first statement after receiving the license was “Thank God.” [Huffington Post]

Two of the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing that occurred last year were honored at Fisher college this weekend, where they both made incredible speeches inspired from the events. Jeff Bauman, who lost both of his legs in the tragedy, and his hero Carlos Arredondo who helped to save him, were both given honorary degrees after  speaking to the student population. Bauman told the graduates, “Today you are at the finish line of one race, but life is full of starting lines and heartbreak hills. You just have to keep running forward.” [Daily Mail]

Mike Epps has been the center of controversy after allegedly punching a woman in the face at the after party for the Haunted House 2 movie, but he might be catching a break. Reports are saying that he will not be charged for the alleged assault, but he will have to attend a City Attorney hearing where he will get a lecture on the law and keeping the peace. [TMZ]

The Wu-Tang affiliate who cut off his penis and jumped out of a window in an apartment building is now telling his side of the bizarre story. Christ Bearer told the media that he was depressed over not being able to see his two daughters, and was feeling very alone. There is a restraining order against him that prevents him from seeing his girls. He also said that he had been smoking weed, and reading up on monks and vasectomies at the time, and decided to take matters into his own hands. Also, surgeons were able to reattach his severed penis and he now has another child on the way. [TMZ]

After a Texas police officer shot and killed an armed 93-year-old woman in her home, authorities have decided to fire him. Officer Stephen Stem was removed from the force after he murdered Pearlie Golden earlier this week during a confrontation. At the time of the incident, Stem was responding to a 911 call he received about a woman and a gun, before she fired off 2 shots. Her nephew revealed to authorities that Goldie had become upset when her application to renew her driver’s license was denied. [Daily Mail]

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