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Oh, Miss Jackson.

During the late ’80s to ’90s, Janet Jackson was effortlessly one of the queens of sexy. She wasn’t afraid to shed her original image as Michael Jackson’s adorable little sister and trade it in for a much hotter one. At the time, she gave us three unforgettable albums: Rhythm Nation, janet., and The Velvet Rope. Plus with her killer dance moves, her soulful soft voice, and even stretching her acting chops for the first time in Poetic Justice, she had people hooked.

At 48 years old today, Janet still got it. You can see her influences in today’s artists such as Ciara, FKA Twigs, and even Rihanna, but there will always only be one Janet.

So in honor of one of our faves, we decided to put together some of the most seductive and tantalizing pics of Janet Jackson from the past to present.

You’re welcome.


17 Sexy Pics Of Janet Jackson (PHOTOS)
Janet Jackson - Unbreakable World Tour
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