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We get it.

Knowing exactly where Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s nuptials will take place, what body-con wedding dress she’ll wear to show off her behind, if Jay Z will serve as best man and if we’ll get a sneak peek at North West is totally juicy information that, as a contributor to this society, you just have to know.

After all, it’s totally important information, amirite?

But no shade to KimYe, there are some other stories in the news this week that should probably be getting more shine than Kim’s ass. Yep. We said it. Now read about it.

Here are 10 developments that are much more important than any celebrity wedding, elevator fight, or pink wig. Though, we have to say, Rihanna is totally rocking her “There You Go” hairstyle.

Read this list, take to Twitter, and get your hashtag activism on. It’s time to get informed.

It’s Been A Month Since Nearly 300 Girls Were Kidnapped In Nigeria:

On April 14, members of Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group, kidnapped nearly 300 young schoolgirls in Chibok, a northeastern village in Nigeria. As of May 16, 200 of those girls are still missing. Some girls managed to escape while the majority, purportedly seen in a video released by Boko Haram earlier this month, have been forced to convert to Islam and rumored to be the child brides of men who will purchase them for a dowry of $12. The family members of those missing are working tirelessly to convince the rebels for the unconditional return of their daughters, but President Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly refused a negotiation to release Boko Haram rebels from prison in exchange for the girls. Last week, the US and UK sent teams to help the country search for the girls, but very little information about their whereabouts has been uncovered. To read more about the missing girls of Nigeria, click here.

Sexual Assaults on College Campuses Are A Real Crisis: 

Rape incidents on college campuses are nothing new, but in the past year, some big name universities have come under fire for the way they handle sexual assault cases — usually shaming the victim while supporting the assailant. Rape is so prevalent on American campuses that research shows 1 in 5 women have been a victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault during college. Just recently, President Obama appointed a task force to combat rape and sexual assault on college campuses. The force has identified that students are reluctant to report assaults due to a lack of confidentiality. A fact sheet released by the White House also showed that victims choose not to report assaults because the school takes no action against the perpetrator. The administration will also develop specialized training materials to ensure that school health workers and campus officials are prepared to provide adequate care and legal services to sexual assault victims. To learn more about rape statistics and what school officials are doing to protect our girls, click here.

New York Times Hires First Black Executive Editor, Fires First Female In The Process: 

Dean Baquet, 57, former managing editor of the New York Times, became the publication’s first African-American executive editor on Wednesday. Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor, was fired by the paper’s publisher, a decision that raised questions about pay equality and gender issues at the famed publication. Read about Abramson’s claims here 

These White Men And Their Racist Views Are Getting Out Of Control:

Between Donald Sterling’s racist recordings and New Hampshire’s police commissioner calling President Obama the N-word, old white men are dropping their veils to let us know how they really feel. And with Sterling refusing to sell the LA Clippers, and Robert Copeland refusing to apologize for the racial epithet, the two are throwing a big “f*ck you” at the rest of us who are shocked and appalled by their behavior. And if Clive Bundy is any indication…a lot of men in America who look like old discolored leather have the same exact sentiments. What post-racial world?

Rising Oceans Will Be Unstoppable…And We’re In Deep Sh*t:

Here’s some unsettling news. New Yorkers will have to get used to the watery streets they encountered during Hurricane Sandy if the sea levels continue to rise — and with news that climate change has triggered an unstoppable decay of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet, it’s sure to happen. The glacier melt will lead to at least four feet of accelerating global sea rise within the next two centuries and at least 10 feet of rise in the end. Which, for coastal cities, could mean extinction. Click here to see what our country will look like with 10 feet of sea level rise. For more information on the melting Antarctica Ice Sheet, click here.

60th Anniversary Of Brown v. Board Of Education Marked With Little Change For Students Of Color:

This week marked the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education — the landmark Supreme Court case that ended racial segregation in schools. Unfortunately, however, six decades after the ruling was handed down, states are still failing students of color. It’s no secret that school systems often provide fewer resources and experienced teachers to serve low-income students (African American and Latino students are taught by a teacher with 3-years of experience or less almost twice as often as their peers), but as Think Progress points out, the system still finds a way to oust marginalized communities. “In this new segregated system, states disadvantage students of color by providing fewer resources to schools serving the highest concentrations of students who need them the most. By perpetuating this inequitable system and rejecting powerful and effective education reforms such as the Common Core State Standards, these states effectively reclaim their legacy of systematic racial discrimination.” You can read more here.

Ras Baraka Became Newark’s Mayor-Elect: 

And if you don’t know…now you know. Read about Baraka, son of beloved poet Amiri Baraka, and why Newark needs him now more than ever.

Fires In San Diego Destroy 10,000 Acres, Kill One:

For four days, fires in San Diego have threatened homes, spurred evacuations, destroyed thousands of acres and killed one. Crews continued to battle the multiple fires on Friday, telling reporters that a shift in wind and drop in temperatures are helping with the efforts. Read about it here.

Marissa Alexander Is Back In Court:

On Friday, Marissa Alexander appeared in court for another hearing to determine if a second Stand Your Ground hearing would take place in her retrial. Florida Circuit Judge James Daniel said he needed more information to make a decision. Alexander, 33, is out on bond while awaiting a new trial on charges of firing a warning shot during an altercation with her abusive husband. She was previously convicted of three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to 20 years in prison. The conviction was thrown out on appeal. The next hearing is expected to take place in June. Read more here.

There’s Still Trouble In Ukraine:

Things aren’t getting any better in Ukraine, according to a United Nations report released on Friday. From ReutersThe 34-strong U.N. monitoring mission’s report, which covered the period from April 2 to May 6 and which Russia criticized as politically motivated, said police and local authorities in eastern Ukraine connived in illegal acts and the takeover of towns by armed groups, undermining the rule of law. The U.N. findings echoed a statement published on Monday by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, whose experts had identified “a significant number of serious human rights violations” during a visit to Ukraine in March. Read more here.

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