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And the dough just keeps rolling in for Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s ex Ray J is reportedly giving KimYe an awesome wedding gift: about $47,000 worth from this year’s profit from the porno that he and Kim madeThe video was released about seven years ago and continues to rake in the moolah.

In fact, according to sources from Vivid Entertainment, “the video has grossed $50 million overall.”

So far, Kim has not responded to say whether she’ll be accepting the profits or not, but TMZ tells us that Kim receives at least the same amount that Ray J receives, and from the looks of exactly how much money Ray collected in 2014 alone, they’re still making BANK.

Here is a quick rundown on exactly how much profit was made by Ray J each month:

— January  $6,135.60

— February $20,097.31

— March $9,674.76

— April $10,931.52

TOTAL:  $46,840.13

The KimYe wedding is coming up this Saturday (May 24th). Outside sources tell TMZ that if Kim doesn’t want the money, Ray J will donate it to her favorite charity. How kind of him.


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