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Khloe Kardashian means business.

If you know anything about the K-Klan, you know they have no problem speaking their minds and siccing their lawyers on any and everyone. According to the latest, Khlo-Money and her big sister Kourt are doing just that, as they’ve reportedly filed a criminal battery report against Richie The Barber, a clown who made it rain confetti all over the girls last month.

TMZ reports:

Khloe and Kourtney didn’t see the humor, and immediately filed a police report.  Our law enforcement sources privately scoffed at the complaint and we’re told they did nothing to pursue it because it was so frivolous.

But fast forward to 3 days ago.  Khole and Kourtney followed up and told cops they wanted to pursue criminal charges.

So we’re told detectives then called Richie and asked him one question:  “Were you trying to harm them by throwing confetti.”  Richie said he meant no harm and only threw the confetti bomb to “congratulate them on their success.”

To see the pictures of the Kardashian sisters (really just Khloe, Kourtney was left basically untouched) getting confetti bombed, click here. Today isn’t only about defending the sisters in the krew, however.

Yesterday, we caught a rare glimpse of Rob Kardashian as he headed to Paris for KimYe’s wedding this weekend and the blogosphere went nuts over his weight. This morning, Khloe hit Twitter with a few words for those who’ve had nasty things to say about her baby brother.

Rob – who has suffered from depression in the past – also took to Twitter to tell everyone he’s aware that he is fat.

Then it got a little weird… Kardashian style.

We kontinue to hope that Rob is able to get back where he wants to be, but until then, we still love him all the same.

In the meantime, weigh in below and check out the photos of Khloe leaving L.A. to head to Kim and Kanye’s upcoming European wedding up top.


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