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It’s graduation season!

Emma Watson has been attending Brown University since 2009, and finally received her bachelor’s degree in English literature this past weekend at her school’s graduation ceremony!

The Harry Potter superstar actress tweeted a gorgeous photo of herself in a cap and gown, sharing the milestone with her fans.

We’re so proud of Emma for making it through college! Congrats girl!

Fans of the hit ’90s show Boy Meets World must be on the edge of their seats, as another teaser trailer for the upcoming spin-off Girl Meets World hit the ‘net.

The new spin off doesn’t exactly continue on with the storyline of the original, but it does reunite all of the cast members, including now-parents Cory and Topanga.

The trailer “introduces the Matthews family” and gives us a glimpse of the world that Cory and Topanga live in.

Rowan Blanchard, the 12-year-old actress who plays their daughter, is making big money from the show already, approximately being paid $10,000 per episode!

TMZ reports that if the TV show were to get picked be made into a movie, she would make around $150,000 on top of her television checks!

Check out the newest trailer for the upcoming spin-off above! Girl Meets World premieres June 27th on the Disney Channel.

We’ve already gotten a TLC TV biopic, and an Aaliyah one is on the way, and now many fans are looking forward to the one about Whitney Houston!

A Lifetime movie about the legendary singer is in the works, but her family isn’t happy that her life story will be hitting television screens instead of movie screens.

According to TMZ, the family is so upset with the news that they are planning to block production of the film through a lawsuit.

Do you guys think a TV movie works for Whitney’s legacy?

Casey Wilson, star of the hit show Happy Endings, got married this past weekend to the show’s creator David Caspe!

They got married on the same weekend that KimYe‘s lavish wedding took place but it doesn’t seem like Casey was too upset about sharing the spotlight with the power couple.

She shared a hilarious picture on her Twitter page congratulating both couples on their big day. The flick photoshopped KimYe’s Vogue cover photo next to the television couple.

Congratulations to Casey and David!

It looks like the new X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie did bigbox office numbers this weekend, just as we expected!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the seventh movie from the famous franchise brought in a whopping $281.1 million globally, and $110 million in the United States alone, making it the best debut of any X-Men film!

Congrats to the franchise!

SOURCE: TMZHollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty, Splash